Balancing Act and Art of Zen

" Clouds" 32"x24" inches 2016  Limited edition Print Yasami  ©2016
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"Figure on the edge" 48"x52" Original canvas, acrylic/ oil  Private collection Masoud Yasami  © 1994

"Obama Configuration" Limited edition litho 24"x32"  on archival paper $185   © 2012

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Monet and Paul Cezanne, Both have influenced my paintings to a large extent. Both artists spent a massive amount of time observing, painting outdoors and the majesty of the natural world inspired them much more than the established art of their day. Twenty years ago I planned a trip to southern france, Aix-en-Provence to purchase a summer studio and to be inspired by so many resident artists from the past century. i parked my rental car in a narrow street, walked along perimeter of town where the street was quite steep with view of surrounding mountain range. A house that I would have been interested had to be high up like my studio in Phoenix, this street bluff was called Les Lauves. A small house was on my left side as i walked up the hill, small gate to a Garden was open, hoping to ask owners if it was for sale or lease since it looked abandoned, a group of tourists entered the garden as well, soon realized that the only house i have chosen was CEZANNE’s 1902 Personal studio, where he has painted dozens of canvases of Mount Saint-Victoire from that exact second story window where I would have painted from. Ten years ago exactly on that date August 10, 2004 about one hour outside of Phoenix Arizona i found a very similar house on a hill with clear view of a mountain range called Granite Dells where i began to set up my summer studio and in thought of Cezanne’s second story window began a series of paintings entitled “ Memories of Provence”. Small canvases are painted outside with various elements and time of day, thinking of Cezanne and how he must have felt as he finished each canvas overlooking beautiful Aix-en-Provance.

"View of Granite Dells from my Northern Arizona Art Studio 2004-2015"   Masoud Yasami  © 2015

""Memories of Provence" Original oil on canvas,  14"x18"  Masoud Yasami  © 2015

"Composition with a CLOUD" 30"x40" Original canvas, Acrylic/ oil   $8,500 Masoud Yasami  © 2015

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