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"Sunset summer sky of Sedona"  Original Oil on Canvas 24"x24" Yasami 2018 © Available for purchase

Masoud Yasami abstract multi-dimensional works deal with space, color, illusionism of balance and chaos. Embracing many mediums and materials, Yasami transforming shapes into an illusion of realism that is about classical objects, clouds and skies that are painted to appear as wall reliefs.
For many years I have dealt with gravitational force as the drama in my work; for example creating the illusion of forcing a rod to bend or a sphere to fall out of its position of balance and harmony.
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"Composition with a Red Door"   Acrylic/oil on canvas  59"x64" yasami 2002 ©

"Balancing Act with a Sphere"   Oil on Canvas 48"x 36" signed lower right  yasami 2017 ©

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2015- 2017     Adjunct prof. of Art, Figure drawing and Painting Gila community college, Payson AZ
1985 - 1986    Visiting Distinguished Associate Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1980 - 1983    Assistant Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1978 - 1979    Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Author Jerry Lynn Vanier... Portrait of a painter      

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(American) An Arizona artist, Masoud Yasami artwork is featured in Forest Whitaker new Movie hip hop feature "ROXANNE, ROXANNE". Please Click on any images above to purchase a print of movie.
Masoud Yasami was represented exclusively by Elaine Horwitch owner of The Elaine Horwitch Art Galleries in SantaFe and Scottsdale from 1978 - 2003. Fibonacci Art Gallery was founded and registered in Feb. 2003 to promote and represent Masoud Yasami worldwide and to catalog and to gather particular works for travelling exhibitions of artsist's works. Yasami's paintings are in major private collections and Museums in US, Europe and Middle east. Yasami has been a Distinguished associate Professor of Painting at Arizona State University and assistant professor of art at University of Utah and has lectured at universities across US including University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Art institute of Boston, University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska Arizona state University and Farabi University among others.

Artist Statement on his Artwork:

My paintings are from an intuitive connection to understanding of both peace and upheaval. A wordless message through imagery by blending the natural beauty of disorder with the disciplined order of both balance and unity. Flawless compositions to draw your attention to the simplistic and the complex, an intellectual journey without losing the natural knowing of things. What is the message? Where does it originate from? I suggest, stay even in your experiences, be either uplifted by praise or grounded by criticism. Feelings kept in check to and tested to see if they are important enough to act upon and be accepted as seriousness. Clear and delicate observation supersede. Logical, intuitive solutions resolve personal conflict. With a backdrop of disabled symmetry, the foreground suggests necessary arrangement and rational organization to arrive at ones adaptation to the meaning of life. Natures necessary and seemingly erratic disorder is one in the same to perfect, symmetrical and geometric harmony. Gravity acts as a push rather than a pull and the images can relieve the viewer of the personal burdens of confusion. The brief moments that it takes for a sunset to occur and diminish can be experienced by human beings impacting lifelong inspirational sensations with disciplined restriction both necessary to stay in unification to the natural. With shadows being cast on the certainty of a determined outcome we are always at the mercy of there being an unexpected alternative. Certainty and sophistication teetering on the brink of unforeseen circumstances. The cycle of past experience and present existence continuously reflect on one another in the ever changing unpredictable way forward. The trademarks, Logos, Artistic Names and Digital Images are properties of Yasami studios. Users are prohibited from using any Names for any purpose including, but not limited to use as metatags on other pages or sites on the World Wide Web without the written permission of MASOUD YASAMI. All information and content including any digital images available on or through the Site ("Content") is protected by copyright. Users are prohibited from modifying, copying, distributing, transmitting, displaying, publishing, selling, licensing, creating derivative works or using any Content available on or through the Site for commercial or public purposes.
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