Painting bellow, a Large Yasami canvas was acquired by STEVE WYNN for LAS VEGAS WYNN COLLECTION
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"Composition with Glass" 68"x140" inches Original canvas, Acrylic   $25,000 Yasami  � 1968-2017 Collection of Steven Wynn LasVegas NV

Artist Statement on his Artwork:

My paintings are from an intuitive connection to understanding of both peace and upheaval. A wordless message through imagery by blending the natural beauty of disorder with the disciplined order of both balance and unity. Flawless compositions to draw your attention to the simplistic and the complex, an intellectual journey without losing the natural knowing of things. What is the message? Where does it originate from? I suggest, stay even in your experiences, be either uplifted by praise or grounded by criticism. Feelings kept in check to and tested to see if they are important enough to act upon and be accepted as seriousness. Clear and delicate observation supersede. Logical, intuitive solutions resolve personal conflict. With a backdrop of disabled symmetry, the foreground suggests necessary arrangement and rational organization to arrive at ones adaptation to the meaning of life. Natures necessary and seemingly erratic disorder is one in the same to perfect, symmetrical and geometric harmony. Gravity acts as a push rather than a pull and the images can relieve the viewer of the personal burdens of confusion. The brief moments that it takes for a sunset to occur and diminish can be experienced by human beings impacting lifelong inspirational sensations with disciplined restriction both necessary to stay in unification to the natural. With shadows being cast on the certainty of a determined outcome we are always at the mercy of there being an unexpected alternative. Certainty and sophistication teetering on the brink of unforeseen circumstances. The cycle of past experience and present existence continuously reflect on one another in the ever changing unpredictable way forward. Negative forces being tamed by neutralizing sequences of determination and resolve. A perfect blend of depth and restraint. Masoud Yasami 2015

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