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"A night in Lucca, Italy"    $8000  Available to purchase 40"x57" CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE, 2015 "

Yasami Clouds are well loved and collectors mention YASAMI CLOUDs whenever they view a beautiful white cloud in sky. He is The master of Clouds
in Western United States. His artwork is regraded as Illusionism and small canvases are for him sketches to later to incorporate into larger complex
Illusions on canvases.


Oil on canvas 28"x25" , 2009 available for purchase please click on image

Masoud Yasami at age 7, Major Garden Villa, Sohanak, Iran

(American) An Arizona artist, Masoud Yasami, does not align himself with any regional artistic group. His abstract multi-dimensional works deal with space, color, illusionism of balance and chaos. Embracing many mediums and materials, Yasami works with acrylic/oil paint, airbrush, paper, canvas and Bronze, transforming and constructing shapes into an illusion of realism that is about classical objects, clouds and skies that are painted to appear as wall reliefs. Masoud Yasami was represented exclusively by Elaine Horwitch owner of The Elaine Horwitch Art Galleries in SantaFe and Scottsdale from 1978 - 2003. Fibonacci Art Gallery became artist's exclusive representative from 2003 after Elaine passed away. Fibonacci Art Gallery was founded and registered in Feb. 2003 to promote and represent Masoud Yasami worldwide and to catalog and to gather particular works for travelling exhibitions of artsist's works. Yasami's paintings are in major private collections and Museums in US, Europe and Middle east. Yasami has been a Distinguished associate Professor of Painting at Arizona State University and assistant professor of art at University of Utah and has lectured at universities across US including University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Art institute of Boston, University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska Arizona state University and Farabi University among others.
MFA  1978 Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
BFA  1974 Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
         1971 University of California, Berkely, CA


2015- 2016     Adjunct prof. of Art, Graphic Design, Figure drawing and Painting Gila community college, Payson AZ

1985 - 1986    Visiting Distinguished Associate Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

1980 - 1983    Assistant Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

1978 - 1979    Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Books written on Yasami/Biography please see: Library of Congress/ Arizona state Library or click:
Author Jerry Lynn Vanier... Portrait of a painter

List of corporate / museum & private collectors
Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Arizona
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New York
Palm Spring Museum of Art
IBM, New York
Pfizer,New York
Bank of America
Empress Farah Pahlavi
Victor Jury Collection, New Mexico
Marvin Brody Collection, Arizona
The ASU Art Museum,Arizona
Utah Museum of Fine Arts
Yuma Museum of Art, Arizona
Tehran Museum of Fine Arts,Iran
J.P. Morgan/Chase Bank
Tucson Museum of Fine Art,Arizona
Prudential Life Insurance
Rolm Corporation, California
Qwest Communications, Colorado
Visa of America
Saks Fifth Avenue,Texas
University of Wisconsin
Frederick Weiseman Collection, California
Forbes Collection, Connecticut
General Motors
Hughes Art Collection
Mayo Clinic, Arizona
Wynn Resort Art Collection, Nevada
University of Nebraska Art Collection
Morehead State University Art Collection
Kerman Museum of Art,Iran
University of Wisconsin
University of Nebraska Art Collection
Morehead State University Art Collection

Select Group Exhibitions:
2014 Tucson Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ
2010 Contemporary Art Center, New Orleans, LA
2006 Carnegie Museum of Art, Pitsburgh, PA
2004 Art and Illusion, Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA
1991 - 1999 Venice Art Walk, Venice, CA
1991 Fine Art for Fine Causes, Museum of Art, Tucson, AZ
1991 Art Chicago '91, Expocenter, Chicago, IL
1987 The New West, Gensler and Associates Architects, Los Angeles, CA
1978 World Art Exposition, Grand Palais, Paris, France
Select Solo Exhibitions:

2012 Fibonacci Gallery, Phx, AZ
2005 Vanier Gallery, Scottsdale , AZ
2003 Vanier Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2003 Village Art Gallery, Vail, CO
1999 Village Art Gallery, Vail, CO
1985 Tempe Fine Arts Center, Tempe, AZ
1984 Boston Art institure, Boston, Mas
1979 Elaine Horwitch Galleries,
1979- 2003 (14) Solo Exhibitions, SantFe, Palm Springs, Scottsdale
1978 Utah Museum of fine Arts, salt Lake City, UT
1978 Tom Luttrell Gallery, SanFransisco, CA
1977 Tony Danzig Gallery, san Fransisco,CA

Artist Statement on his Artwork:
My paintings are from an intuitive connection to understanding of both peace and upheaval. A wordless message through imagery by blending the natural beauty of disorder with the disciplined order of both balance and unity. Flawless compositions to draw your attention to the simplistic and the complex, an intellectual journey without losing the natural knowing of things. What is the message? Where does it originate from? I suggest, stay even in your experiences, be either uplifted by praise or grounded by criticism. Feelings kept in check to and tested to see if they are important enough to act upon and be accepted as seriousness. Clear and delicate observation supersede. Logical, intuitive solutions resolve personal conflict. With a backdrop of disabled symmetry, the foreground suggests necessary arrangement and rational organization to arrive at ones adaptation to the meaning of life. Natures necessary and seemingly erratic disorder is one in the same to perfect, symmetrical and geometric harmony. Gravity acts as a push rather than a pull and the images can relieve the viewer of the personal burdens of confusion. The brief moments that it takes for a sunset to occur and diminish can be experienced by human beings impacting lifelong inspirational sensations with disciplined restriction both necessary to stay in unification to the natural. With shadows being cast on the certainty of a determined outcome we are always at the mercy of there being an unexpected alternative. Certainty and sophistication teetering on the brink of unforeseen circumstances. The cycle of past experience and present existence continuously reflect on one another in the ever changing unpredictable way forward. Negative forces being tamed by neutralizing sequences of determination and resolve. A perfect blend of depth and restraint. Masoud Yasami 2015

Corporate & Museum Placements
Group Exhibitions
Limited Editions
Solo Exhibitions

University text book ( Yasami cover painting ) published by Harcourt Brace Johanovich Publishing House 1991

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CLOUDS: They have soft edges and provide a contrast to the harshness of pure geometry.
They float over my universe and are free to go everywhere. They can change color and direction.
WATER: It can be seen as pure movement. It is motherly, a symbol of life, a dynamic force!
SPHERES: They are tied down to the real world. The shapes of spheres are very polished,
very feminine. They obey Newton�s law.
CIRCLES: They symbolize perfection and femininity.
ROCKS: Irregular edges, harsh and chaotic, in contrast with clouds; they represent the pressures of the world!
GLASS: If glass breaks, the silence is broken. It is transparent and reflects light and vision from either side.
A rock in close proximity to glass creates conflict and a sense of danger.
BALANCING RODS: The artist is always walking a tight rope! Balancing rods represent a mental balance.
TRIANGLES: Euclidean shapes. Pure mathematics.
GRID: They are used to sandwich the different elements together. They signify containment, almost like prison bars.
The viewer cannot penetrate into deep space. They represent limits or barriers to our desires.
RECTANGLES: A rectangle can be to the painter what harmony is to a musician. It gives a balance that is soothing to the mind.
DIAGNOLS: Diagonals create deeper space and two-dimensional perspective. The focus is the converging point.

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