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"Composition with a Lariat"    $12000  Available to purchase 60"x66" Not framed framed, 2013, YASAMI STUDIO "

"How copper gets Patina"  Available, $8400  Please Click on image to purchase Oil on Canvas 40"x 80" yasami 2020

"Balancing act in LUCCA, ITALY"  Available,   Please Click on image to purchase  40"x 58" yasami 2000


"2003 ARTIST YASAMI "       

" A Lightning night in Lucca, Italy"  32"x54" oil on canvas 2014To contact Masoud Yasami :


"Anatomy of a cloud in yellow"  Available,   In Collection of Artist,  Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas 38"x 47" yasami 2015  $6800
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"Figure bowing to a Gold Sphere"  Available,   In Collection of Artist,  Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas 30"x 40" yasami 2015  $7000
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"Balancing Act"   SOLD,   In Collection of McNamara, FL

"Mind of an artist #2"   SOLD,   In Collection of AES, Sacramento California Acrylic/ Oil on
Canvas 36"x 57" yasami 2019  $12500 To purchase other large canvases Please Click image

"Composition with a Red Door"  Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas 66"x 60" yasami 2019
 $12500 To purchase other large canvases Please Click image

"Red Curtain with a Sphere"  Available,   In Collection of Artist,  Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas 21"x 30" yasami 2016  $7000 
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To contact Masoud Yasami :

2015- 2019 Adjunct prof. of Art, Figure drawing / Painting Gila community college, Payson AZ
1985 - 1986 Visiting Distinguished Associate Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1980 - 1983 Assistant Professor of Art, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
1978 - 1979 Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Books written on Yasami/Biography please see:
Library of Congress/ Arizona state Library or click: 
Author Jerry Lynn Vanier... Portrait of a painter      

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Yasami's paintings are in major private collections and Museums in US, Europe and Middle east. Yasami has been a Distinguished visiting associate Professor of Painting at Arizona State University
assistant professor of art at University of Utah and has lectured at universities across US
including University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Art institute of Boston, University of Wisconsin, University of Nebraska Arizona state University and Farabi University among others.
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To contact Masoud Yasami :


"Monsoon Clouds"  Available 2018  Acrylic/ Oil on Canvas 22"x 18" yasami  To purchase Please Click Picture

Samuel Dorsky Museum, NY
Empress Farah Pahlavi, Iran
Wynn Resort Art Collection
Pfizer Corp. New York
Bank of America
The ASU Art Museum, Arizona
Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Utah
Yuma Museum of Art, arizona
Tehran Museum of Fine Arts, Iran
J.P. Morgan/Chase Bank, NY
Tucson Museum of Fine Art, AZ
Prudential Life Insurance
Rolm Corporation
Qwest Communications
Visa of America
Saks Fifth Avenue
Morehead State University
University of Wisconsin
Frederick Weiseman Collection
Forbes Collection
General Motors
Hughes Art Collection
Mayo Clinic
Kerman Museum of Art